The birth of Nora Light House

20170117_174916[1].jpgI have made peace with the fact that my name is not the easiest to pronounce 🙂

My teacher named me Nora. So Nora I became.

My name, Noeriena is derived from the Arabic word Nur, which means light. A friend at the time, mentioned Light House, while we were doing some self work. And i thought, who doesn’t love seeing a Light House?

This became the birth to Nora Light House.

To Blog…


Having the courage to Blog.

I have been so afraid to blog; I’ve wanted to do this since forever. I’m going to take the easy route out and blame it on my procrastination 🙂

Now I’m taking the plunge. I have some really supportive friends, which I’m grateful for and that has aided me to be BRAVE ENOUGH to write what I like. So my posts will be random, here I’ll share what moves me or just what I’d like to say. SOME RANDOM stuff I guess.

I’d want to title each piece, in that way no one would know it’s about them and mainly no one else know’s who I’m writing about

Please give me your feedback, BUT please be KIND to me 🙂

Blessings and Light to us all 🙏🏼🍀

You Are Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea


I can’t seem to find the author, but the way I love this.

My newest addiction is a GOOD CUP OF TEA 🙂 I feel that a cup of tea that tastes delicious for me, won’t necessarily be good for you. That is just how it is with people, some will love me and some will not love me so much. But I’m learning that it’s OK and I can shine on.

The beauty of life, not everyone will appreciate who we are… and that is completely OK… love yourself enough so no one can make you feel deprived of love 🙂

Appreciate that YOU are Different and SPECIAL. Because ultimately that is WHAT makes us WHO WE ARE 🙂