The birth of Nora Light House

20170117_174916[1].jpgI have made peace with the fact that my name is not the easiest to pronounce 🙂

My teacher named me Nora. So Nora I became.

My name, Noeriena is derived from the Arabic word Nur, which means light. A friend at the time, mentioned Light House, while we were doing some self work. And i thought, who doesn’t love seeing a Light House?

This became the birth to Nora Light House.

About Stories By Noerienahttps://noralighthouse.wordpress.comMy laughter is my dealing mechanism Seeker of the Light Favourite Human of Spark Usui Reiki Pratitioner Style Station at Honey Fashion Accessories

One thought on “The birth of Nora Light House

  1. That is the sweetest story, and so true to form you are just a giver of light in the darkest hours!!! Love you light angel. Always Ant


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