You Are Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea


I can’t seem to find the author, but the way I love this.

My newest addiction is a GOOD CUP OF TEA. 🙂 The reality is that cup of tea that’s tastes delicious for me, won’t necessarily be good for you. That just how it is with people, some will love me and some will not love me so much. But I’m learning that it’s OK and I can shine on.

The beauty of life, not everyone will appreciate who we are… and that is completely OK… love yourself enough so no one can make you feel deprived of love 🙂

Appreciate that YOU are Different and SPECIAL. Love what YOU see in the mirror.

About NoraLightHousehttps://noralighthouse.wordpress.comI laugh at everything, its not intentional, it just happens. Constantly searching for the Nur (Light) I snap photos of all that moves me

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