Asem te haal (Breathe)

I think your alias name is PERFECT FOR YOU.
Without breath we would seize to exist.
You are that guy that leaves a mark wherever you go.
You’ve gone through so much. Your eyes tell it, your soul says it.
My body and mind knew you were dangerous for me. I even verbalised it.
Salute to the amazing person you have become through all that you have experienced. Very few, come out smelling like freshly baked bread.

To the man who touched my soul without even touching my body.
To the man who told me to release as his energy became too much in that moment.
My mind wonders what it would be like if we met again.
But my heart would prefer to hold onto the magic we shared those two days.
Your soul spoke to mine. Lights flickered. Dimensions were travelled.
Memories of your eyes are beyond my wildest dreams

To the man who had the privilege of reading what I wrote for him.
The words flowed when I wrote it, seemingly one meaning for me and a totally different one for him. We don’t meet anyone by chance, every single person we meet is for a reason.

You needed to see yourself through fresh eyes. Perhaps to revive your soul. Perhaps to revive your relationship. Perhaps to confirm your own power.

Sometimes when we are in relationships, we lose parts of ourselves.
But then our paths cross with people who shake the reality we thought existed and their purpose will not be to stay. Their purpose will merely add as a point of reference in our journey.

Today I saw you for the first time in over a year. My soul was elated. From within I was jumping up and down. I could hear my heartbeat as we embraced and hoped you could not feel it.
We chatted. We said goodbye. I am glad we shared that moment. I am now okay if I do not see you again.


Love and Light to the people who come and shake up our worlds πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€